RetroArch/libretro status – new Desmume / TGB Dual ports

By Squarepusher – This will be more like a development diary to document the continuining development of RetroArch and all things related to libretro.

Desmume libretro

Meancoot made a libretro port of Desmume last week. There are currently some talks between me and zeromus to get this port merged into Desmume mainline. I’ll try to get this done ASAP.

Desmume is a Nintendo DS emulator.
Link to repository:

FCEUmm libretro

The libretro port has recently been adopted by FCEUmm author Ca4e3.

FCEUmm is a Nintendo Entertainment System /Nintendo Famicom emulator. This fork of FCEU focuses on experimental mapper compatibility among other things.

Link to repository:

I will continue to update both our own repo on Github as well as submit patches back to mainline whenever a change has been made to the libretro API that affects the port.

TGB Dual

Also done by an external party, lifning (who also takes credit for the RetroArch Pandora port) spent some time making a libretro port of TGB Dual last week.

TGB Dual is a Game Boy / Game Boy Color emulator with one unique feature – it allows you to play Game Link-compatible games in two-player splitscreen mode. This works by using the Sufami Turbo API functions in libretro where two cartridges have to be loaded one after another (one each for each player with his own Gameboy).

Note that Sufami Turbo loading functionality is not yet in the RetroArch console ports and will need to be added later by me.

Link to repository:


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